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Also known as the Friendship plant, Pass it on Plant, Pancake Plant 


This amazing plant requires very little maintenance and will keep on growing indefinitely if you follow these simple care instructions.

  • No direct sunlight; your Pilea
    prefers medium light.

  • The low or moderate light of a North
    or East window 
    will work best. Use sheers or blinds if facing south or west windows.

  • Your Pilea can be brought outside
    to the patio in the summer but
    keep it in a shaded area.

  • Rotate your plant occasionally
    if it receives light from only one side
    so that it keeps a nice even shape.

  • Water when top surface of soil gets dry to the touch

  • This plant is very easily propagated by stem cuttings

so you can multiply your collection, or Pass it On to a Friend!





4" Chinese Money Plant Pilea

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