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  • Semi-dwarf
  • Red skinned fruit
  • Deep green foliage
  • 2.5-3" firm fruits are sweet with a tart tang
  • Strong producer
  • Mature late July
  • Great fresh, in pies, or in preserves
  • Hardy
  • Resistant to bacterial spot or canker
(Semi-Dwarf) This Peach is not just another pretty face although you will be impressed by is burning red skin that jumps off the tree against the background of deep green foliage. It's likely you'll be far more impressed by the taste of these 2.5 - 3" diameter, firm, yellow fleshed, mostly freestone Peaches...they have a tart tang to go along with their sweetness that makes them stand out above the crowded Peach field. Even better, Redstar® is a strong producer giving you all you can handle and more in the harvest department when they mature in midseason around late July. You can eat them fresh, use them in pies or preserves or just keep them in a cooler for a refreshing snack as fall approaches. Redstar® is self-pollinating, quite hardy and resistant to bacterial spot and canker making it a great choice for your home edible garden.

Peach 'Redstar' 7gallon

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