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We offer Hart's Grown Premium Annuals and Proven Winners plant varieties. Browse our signature hanging baskets, patio planters, bedding plants, vegetables and herbs for great gardening ideas.

Our extensive selection of perennials includes Hart's Grown Premium Perennials, Proven Winners, roses, vines & climbers, ornamental grasses, and ground covers.

Explore our nursery stock to find the perfect plant for your landscaping project. We carry classic and unusual varieties of flowering & ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, evergreens, and so much more.

Hart's Plants

Quality, Locally Grown Annuals

Locally Grown, Locally Owned, Locally Lovely

"Locally Grown" means better plants for many reasons. It takes energy and time for plants to adapt to their environment, which means that if a plant is started in a similar environment as its final destination, it spends less energy acclimating to new environmental variables. In the end, less energy spent on adapting means more energy spent on growing, flowering, and reproducing, leading to a bigger, better plant. It is also true that the closer a plant is grown to its end destination, the less distance it has to be shipped, and the less time it has to spend outside natural daylight. Since plants require daylight to survive, it makes sense that a shorter travel distance means a better plant. At Hart's Greenhouse we grow 99% of our own annuals at our growing facilities located in Canterbury and Preston, less than 10 miles from our furthest retail location, our Norwich store. Hart's Greenhouse is also a locally owned family business that cares about the quality of product and service our customers receive. For that reason, owners and managers hand-select only the most beautiful of the plants we grow to be sent to our retail locations to ensure a high quality plant at peak season.



Perennials are a long-term gardener's dream come true: once established, they reward us with years of beauty with basic maintenance. Unlike an annual, they do not need to be replaced at the end of each season. With this in mind, we're here to help you choose the plants that will bring you many years of color and enjoyment. At Hart's, you'll find an exciting assortment of perennial garden favorites, in classic and brand-new varieties. We offer several different container sizes to fill your exact landscaping needs: quart pots for smaller areas, gallon containers for standard size plants, premium gallon containers for limited-edition or specialty varieties, two-gallon containers for large plantings, and flats for ivy and other groundcovers.

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