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From the biggest patio planters to the smallest 6-packs, Hart's Greenhouse can provide your garden center with everything needed to fill your space. We pride ourselves in our selection and service. Here's what our customers have to say


"We have been clients of Hart's Greenhouse for 5 years. During this time we have come to rely upon their guidance, quality of product, business values and personal honesty to produce the highest quality of plant stock. Our customers at Riverside Nursery have come to expect the beautiful plants we receive from Hart's. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Hart's in the future."-Tara Hanrahan, General Manager

Riverside Nursery & Garden Center , Collinsville CT

Hanging Baskets

Hart's offers a wide range of hanging basket sizes, species, varieties and colors. We grow almost 50,000 hanging baskets each year, and continue to expand our offerings to meet our customers needs. We continuously update our selection of genetics to ensure a high quality plant for the end consumer, and we choose containers that are 'true to size' and aesthetically pleasing. Below is a basic list of the different Hanging Baskets we offer, click on the link to get a detailed production report for 2018.

Patio Pots

We understand that the gardening 'game' is changing; your customer has less free time to spend in the garden planting and weeding, but still wants the luxury of bright flowers at her fingertips. Pre-planted patio pots are a great product that busy customer, but in the fury of spring sales, who has time to keep up with making these in house? Worry no more! Hart's has an excellent selection of patio pots in many sizes and combinations sure to boost your sales. As with all our plants, we are always updating genetics for best performance, and choose containers that are attractive and durable. Below is a basic list of the different Patio Pots we offer, click on the link to get a detailed production report for 2018.

Premium Annuals

Not everyone wants a red Geranium, and we get that. At Hart's Greenhouse we believe the more variety, the better! In fact, we offer one of the best selections of varieties you can find. Let us be your one-stop color shop from a red Geranium to the funkiest novelty Petunia you can find, we carry it! Our Premium annual collection is mostly in a standard 4 ½”" pot, but some items are available in other sizes. Below is a basic list of the different Premium Annuals we offer, click on the link to get a detailed production report for 2018.

  • 6 ½” Premium Collection- Many Items UPC Labeled

  • 4 ½” Premium Collection- UPC Labeled

  • 8" Specialty Collection- UPC Labeled

Proven Winners

At Hart's Greenhouse we believe in the power of brands, and we believe that a lot of our retail success has come from the Proven Winners Plant Brand . Our customers like the brand too; over the past 5 years we have expanded our Proven Winner production to over 150,000 Grande pots each season. We grow most genetics in the brand, and pay special attention to new and hard-to-find colors and varieties along with the tried and true staples to the program We also use Proven Winners genetics in many of our hanging basket combos, and grow thousands of Supertunia Vista Bubble Gum, as well as other Proven Winner varieties, in our 10" mono baskets.

  • 16" PW 'Castella' Style Mixed Planters UPC Labeled

  • 24" PW 'Castella' Style Window Boxes UPC Labeled

  • 14" Cocoa Combo Hangers UPC Labeled

  • 10" Combo Hangers UPC Labeled

  • 4.25" PW Logo Grande Pots- UPC Labeled

  • 6 ½” PW Logo Pots- UPC Labeled

Seed Annuals

From flats to 6" we run the gamut on seed annual selection, offering a wide  variety of colors in all our products. Our bulky sizes are better than what most growers provide; we've upgraded them to give you a better quality, longer lasting product. Our 6" seed annuals are actually 6 ½”, and our 4" seed annuals are 4 ½”. And as for our flats, we grow in a standard 1020 tray (it's actually 21 ½” long) and use an 806 insert, so each customer who purchases a 6-pack from you grown by Hart's will get 6 individual plants, no 'Connecticut Flats' here. Below is a basic list of the different Seed Annuals we offer, click on the link to get a detailed production report for 2018.

  • 6" Seed Annuals (Available late May)- UPC Labeled

  • 4" Seed Annuals- UPC Labeled

  • 806 Annual Flats

Vegetables & Herbs

We here at Hart's Greenhouse know the importance of having something for everyone, that's why we offer over 90 different varieties of vegetable flats. From the simple garden favorites like beefsteak tomatoes, to specialty crops like Broccoli Raab and Hot Portugal Peppers, you can count on Hart's for exceptional quality vegetables and herbs.  Our flats are grown in the larger 1020 tray for a longer retail shelf life, and durability. In addition to flats, we also offer an extensive selection of 4" herbs and vegetables again running the gamut from basic bell peppers to Holy Basil.  Below is a basic list of the different Seed Annuals we offer, click on the link to get a detailed production report for 2018.

  • 4" Herbs- UPC Labeled

  • 4" Vegetables- UPC Labeled

  • 806 Vegetable & Herb Flats

  • Patio Vegetables

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